Timkulu Reserve

With Rovos Hunting Safari, guests can enjoy the unbridled beauty of nature and the thrill of a hunt all while enjoying our luxury hospitality. Timkulu Safaris is a game reserve found in Warrenton, with plenty of opportunities to hunt to your heart’s content. The reserve was established in 1991 and is known for its beautiful scenery and abundance of game birds for the discerning hunter.

Timkulu Safaris is run by Fanus and Jennifer Greyling. Fanus was born and raise on a farm next to the Vaal, so his love and respect of nature and hunting bird and game started at a young age. His knowledge of Africa’s fauna and flora is testament to his lifelong passion of the country. In 1991, he finished his studies and took over Timkulu, using his education and experience to turn the lodge into a sustainable venture. Fanus is a staunch believer in ethics, whether it be hunting or business and supports the local community by employing them within the lodge and for the hunt. This intimate and passionate reserve is where our Rovos passengers can enjoy the serenity of nature and the joys of hunting.

The game birds one can find here include:

Flighted duck and geese

The wetlands along the Vaal River banks are home to many at least 10 species of duck, teal and geese. The late afternoon is the optimum time for shooting when the waterfowl feed in the grain fields. Timkulu ensures you are right beneath the flight line by planning and reconnaissance done months before you arrive. Species that you can expect to find include the giant spurwinged goose, Egyptian goose, red-billed teal and yellow-billed duck.

Driven guineafowl and francolin

The helmeted guineafowl is seen as one of our main terrestrial game birds as it is found in great numbers all around Africa. Guineafowl shoots are mostly driven at Timkulu, emulating classic English shoots but with trademark African elements. 120 chanting African beaters are used on a full day of hunting the guineafowl.

Flighted pigeon and dove

Five different species of pigeon and dove can be found at Timkulu. This hunt is shot flighted from butts and with the aid of decoys. This is a difficult shoot as they fly over your butt in hundreds. An

Flighted sandgrouse

The hunt moves north to the Kalahari Desert to catch the Namaqua sandgrouse, known for its brilliant beauty of olive green, white, grey and black plumage. The sandgrouse gather in flocks and fly long distances to take a few sips of water in the early morning. The guns are arranged around the watering-hole. The guns are gar enough to allow birds who have not been shot at to come and drink and that the birds are high and fast when flying over the guns.

Walked up partridge and francolin

The hunt for these birds is done using field trial champion dogs and their handlers. Only the areas deemed the best in terms of bird populations are used. The grey wing and the red wing partridge are the most commonly shot.


Stalking and hunting game birds is not the only fun you can have at Timkulu. The Vaal River traverses the reserve and is ideal for catching smallmouth and largemouth yellowfish. There is a dammed portion of the river that is used for catching catfish and carp. All gear is supplied by the team at Timkulu.